Welcome to OpenOhio and the April 15th Project!

New! Five year budget forecasts for every school district in Ohio!

Complete budgets, checkbooks and salaries for 3,000 local Ohio taxing jurisdictions in the next 100 days

OpenOhio is a private effort to encourage transparency and accountability in state and local Ohio govenments. Sponsored by friends of the Ohio Citizens Accounting Standards Board, OpenOhio.org pledges to publish complete checkbooks and salaries for all of the 3,000 basic taxing jurisdictions in Ohio by April 15th. We call this our Transparency by April 15th project.

Of course providing data is only the beginning of transparency, but transparency and accountability cannot be achieved unless the data is available. To learn more
about transparency and OhioCASB, please visit OhioCASB.org.
(You will be rerouted shortly, in about three minutes, to OhioCASB.org.)


A publicly editable wiki collaboration for members


A nonpartisan, non-advocacy, nonprofit transparency effort dedicated to open government operating data


OpenOhio is a sophisticated, comprehensive and useful collaboration, and such efforts do not happen in a vacuum and without support. Of course there are other forums to support, but if you have not donated to one or more of them but claim to believe in a free market and a society based upon individuals who form governments, rather than governments that are superior to citizens, then you are not a responsible citizen seeking to do the work that is necessary to preserve American ideals and you are leaving the work and sacrifice to others.
Please help us. You will be proud of the results.